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    Packaging plays an important function: in addition to product presenting and to attract the attention of the consumer, it protects and preserves the product.
    The need to keep the merchandise is almost old as the man. Thanks to technology and innovation over the years, we have made big progresses in this area that allow us today not only to preserve the characteristics of the products but also to have them always available and at your fingertips, keeping absolutely intact their properties.

    In this section you will find all useful information about the sectors in which we operate and about the different types of packaging that we produce.



  • Drinks & infusions
  • Ready meals and sauces
  • Derivatives of animal origin
  • Baked goods
  • Chips and Snack
  • Iced and frozen food
  • Fresh Pasta
  • Pet Food


Chemical / Cosmetic

Chemical / Cosmetic
  •  Detergents
  •  Body beauty treatments
  •  Medical products
  •  Personal hygiene
  •  Chemicals for industry


Technical / Industrial

Technical / Industrial
  • Technological products
  • Non-technological products
  • Special products


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